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Colored Plastic Solutions; What we Offer & Why it Matters

colored plastic solutions

Looking to spice up your retail displays with some color? We are here to help. Modern Retail Solutions offers custom colored plastic for orders of 500+, giving you even more control over your retail display.

Why Should you add Color?

Shopping is an art of persuasion, and color plays a large role in why buyers shop at certain brands. Colors evoke emotions, draw the eye to certain displays, and color temperature creates an atmosphere that can increase or decrease sales. If you play your cards right and select colors that work for your brand, products can look more appealing and sales could increase. Put some thought into whether adding color will benefit your retail design!

Color Enhances Branding

Color ties into brand recognition. For example, when you see a golden arch, you think of McDonald’s. When you use colors that are linked to your brand, it can increase a consumer’s confidence and their potential to buy. Take some time to think about your retail displays, consider whether adding branded colors will resonate with your consumers and enhance your product displays.

Color Affects Mood

Adding color to your retail displays can impact how your consumer feels when shopping in your store. Keep in mind, colors have different meanings and feelings in different cultures. While red in the United States can be associated with love or anger, in China it is typically associated with prosperity. Choose color designs that suit your brands and their locations.

How Modern Can Help

Once you have determined which color you would like to go with, reach out to us! We can do custom color for orders of 500+. This means, any color in the rainbow you decide, we will deliver. Build your brand and create a shopping environment that enhances your customers experience with our custom colored plastic retail solutions!